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                                     is the first EAP experience for 100% of your workforce.

If you've only ever gone to your Employee Assistance Plan for free counseling you're missing a world of resources. Powered by Gallup's Science of Wellbeing, Wayfinder can help you find your way, no matter where you are going.

The perfect combination of High-tech and High-touch

Wellbeing at Work

Elevate your workplace with our comprehensive benefit navigation platform, designed to seamlessly fit into your organization's ecosystem.

Clinical Wayfinders

Guarantee around-the-clock access to professional assistance for your employees, ensuring help is always available when they need it most.


About Wayfinder EAP

Wayfinder EAP, an offering of Wellbeing at Work, redefines employee assistance with a visionary blend of data-driven insights and tailored support. Leveraging the globally recognized Gallup Wellbeing Index and innovative Wayfinder Ai, we offer a holistic approach to wellbeing, ensuring every aspect of an employee's life is supported. Our mission is clear: to guide every employee towards their best self, making wellbeing not just an ambition but a shared destination of a thriving workplace culture.


The Wayfinder Roadmap

Reimagine your EAP experience with the power of Gallup Science

Wellbeing GPS


Employees have unlimited access to a variety of services, including in-person assessments, referrals, case management, crisis management services, and mental health sessions, which are not always available in traditional EAPs. This ensures that every employee can find the support they need, when they need it, without the limitations often found in standard EAP offerings.

Unlike traditional EAP providers, W@W provides 24/7 access to a dedicated account team for managers, supervisors, and HR. This ensures that organizations receive ongoing support in implementing, optimizing, and leveraging the EAP to meet their specific needs and challenges.

W@W extends its support beyond immediate crisis intervention to include wellbeing and mental health sessions covering all aspects of wellbeing. This holistic approach ensures that employees have access to resources that help them thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

The strategic partnerships with companies like Talkspace amplify the value offered by W@W, providing employees with access to digital mental health services, including therapy and psychiatry, thus broadening the spectrum of care available under the EAP.

W@W's approach seamlessly integrates advanced technology with human touch. By combining the personalized support from licensed therapists with the data-driven insights from the WBI, we offer a unique blend of care that is both personal and scalable.


High Tech/

High Touch Methodology


Unlimited Access to Support



Account Management


Support Beyond



Strategic Benefit Partnerships

For Employees

Ready to Navigate Towards Wellbeing?

Connect with the Wayfinder support experience. Your journey to enhanced wellbeing starts here.

Immediate, Personalized Support

Access tailored guidance and support anytime, ensuring you're never alone in your moments of need.

Diverse Counseling Options

From telephonic to in-person sessions, choose the counseling method that fits your comfort and lifestyle.

Comprehensive Resource Hub

Dive into a wealth of resources, including webinars and self-help tools, to proactively manage your wellbeing.

Extended Support Network

Benefit from a broad network of professionals ready to assist with everything from emotional to financial challenges, ensuring comprehensive care.

For Employers

Wellbeing at Work Platform

Elevate your workplace with our comprehensive platform, designed to seamlessly fit into your organization's ecosystem, enhancing employee wellbeing at every level.

Benefits Integration

Our EAP harmonizes with existing benefits, creating a cohesive network of support that amplifies the value of your company's total Wellbeing offerings.​

24/7 Support

Guarantee around-the-clock access to professional assistance for your employees, ensuring help is always available when they need it most.

Clinical Excelence

Wayfinder EAP is anchored in unmatched clinical expertise, delivering evidence-based support through a team of seasoned professionals committed to the highest standards of care.

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with Wayfinder EAP. Elevate your organization's wellbeing and productivity today. Connect with us to craft a thriving workplace culture.

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EAP Reimagined

At the heart of Wayfinder EAP, we navigate the journey toward optimal workplace Wellbeing with precision and personalization. Imagine a GPS in the hands of every employee, guiding them through the complexities of life's challenges and toward a horizon of health and harmony. Together, we're not just navigating; we're trailblazing the routes that lead to a culture of strength, support, and shared success.

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